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Insurance Connections

Berkshire Health Partners (BHP) connects employers and individuals with national and regional insurance carriers who provide competitive insurance products coupled with the BHP network of physicians and hospitals. So whether you're a healthcare provider, an employer, an individual, a family member, or a business partner, we know that you'll benefit from BHP.

    Employers benefit from:
  • Comprehensive selection of healthcare benefits for employees
  • Competitive discounts on provider fees
  • Affordable access fees
  • Flexible healthcare plans and benefit structure
  • Quality case management services

Whether you're looking for fully insured products or self funded programs BHP is your link to dependable insurance carriers and third party administrators. You or your agent can contact BHP at 610-372-8044 ext. 3017 for a list of payors partnered with the BHP Network. If you do not have an agent or broker we can connect you with one.

    Individuals and families benefit from:
  • Access to quality healthcare in your local community
  • Prompt, personal attention from local medical professionals
  • An extensive provider network including physicians, ancillary providers, hospitals, and medical equipment services
  • Reduction in out-of-pocket expenses by using in-network providers
  • Protection against being billed for charges that exceed BHP negotiated levels when using providers within our network.

To obtain a quote for individual coverage please visit one of the following insurance carriers:

CoventryOne (online quote available) or call 866-212-7779